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To register your team, please fill in the form online.

Registration process described on the right of the form.

* reuqired field

  • 1) Pre-registration

    Fill this form with all the required information. You should be 5 friends to be a full team. You can add 3 replacement team member maximum.

  • 2) Confirmation of your registration

    The organisation team will send you an email with all details!

    The entry fee amount is 300 euros (for all foreign teams).

  • 3) Pimp your style

    Choose a name and a costume. An artistic mark will be given for the best entertainer.

  • 4) Fee payment

    It’s time for you to pay the fee !

  • 5) Play

    Come & play ! The tournament takes place in Versailles, on June 20th. Just enjoy two days of fun and sharing Rugby & Animations.